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CHELSEA (CBS) – Like the rest of us, Juan Gallego watches the news on TV. Only with Juan is Juan forced to try to help when he sees that part of the country or the world is in trouble.

That’s why his living room is now full of sanitary ware. Everything will be in Houston by Thursday evening, he will help repair broken water pipes in people’s homes. “I sat there and watched the news and saw the pictures of people basically drinking water from the snow,” said Juan.

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Houston is no stranger to natural disasters, but when snow and single-digit temperatures hit the state recently, tens of thousands of homeowners were left without water when their pipes froze and then burst.

Juan Gallego (WBZ-TV)

Gallego reached out to members of the Chelsea Rotary Club of which he is a member. They raised several thousand dollars for plumbing supplies. Then Juan found four plumbers willing to fly there and work 10 days for free to fix broken pipes.

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“He has this mind to help people,” said Joe Vinard, Rotary club treasurer. “And he likes to do it. And he puts his money where his mouth is. “

Sure enough, Juan made $ 5,000 of his own money. “If I can fix 200 houses, $ 5,000 is nothing,” he said.

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Gallego and the plumbers are leaving on Thursday morning.

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