Merlin Law Group Urges Texas Policyholders To Not Throw In The Towel On Frozen Pipe Claims

HOUSTON, March 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The winter storm in Texas has damaged many policyholders from frozen or burst pipes. Insurance companies are struggling with a backlog of claims, and those losses are expected to exceed Hurricane Harvey’s. Merlin Law Group, a law firm specializing in property insurance litigation, reminds policyholders to hold their insurance companies accountable for payment of amounts rightfully owed.

Local MLG lawyer Rene Sigman urges affected residents to submit their claim promptly to avoid missing deadlines in their insurance policies. If you’ve made a claim and haven’t received any feedback from your insurance company, especially if they sent someone out to investigate the damage to the property, keep them to respond to you and follow up on all correspondence.

“If your claim has been denied or you think it was underpaid, don’t give up! There are legal remedies to help you get your money,” says Sigman.

Another problem for residents is the delay in repairing their home or business. Sigman urges policyholders to be wary of unlicensed contractors looking to make quick money from poor processing. She recommends obtaining references from contractors, public experts, or lawyers before signing any contracts. If policyholders are unsure how to interpret whether a settlement amount is reasonable, Sigman recommends consulting an attorney. Merlin Law Group is happy to provide a free case review of your frozen pipe damage claim to determine if the insurance company’s offer is fair. “I want to do my part and help as many as possible Texas Residents as possible, “says Sigman.

You can hear more of Sigman’s remarks, along with other tips for avoiding potentially costly DIY repairs to frozen or burst pipe, by checking out KPRC2 Houston report here. The Merlin Law Group also has a blog with information for policyholders navigating property insurance claims.

About the Merlin Law Group: The Merlin Law Group has been dedicated to representing policyholders and litigating their insurance claims for 35 years. We have represented individual homeowners, retailers, condominium associations, and local authorities. Our company has successfully fought and reclaimed hundreds of millions of dollars in litigation for our customers. A dedicated litigation team, financial resources to fight insurance companies and lawyers across the country set us apart.

SOURCE Merlin Law Group, PA

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