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September 6, 2021 is a date that will forever be remembered by Rayon Reid, a survivor of the toxic fumes incident in the Moneague College septic tank.

He witnessed two of his colleagues and good friends from Central Cesspool, Kirk Kerr, 46, of Shelter Rock, Spanish Town, and Joslyn Henry, 56, of Rivoli, Spanish Town, die from toxic fumes from a septic tank in college clean.

A third victim, Beresford Gordon, from an address on Church Pen Road in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, died this morning at St. Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital after being passed out yesterday.

Reid, 38 years old, who is also from Rivoli, Spanish Town, recalled that the event was devastating.

“We were there to clean the septic tanks and we have the last one left to clean up and we were all upstairs and two guys. Two a dem deh in a septic tank and pull it out so someone can walk in deh crap. “

“About eight of us did di deh and the two drew a draw down there that all managers go down deh and we wait pan dem fi call wi-fi down the ladder deh that is di you could go down there and clean you it. That never happens. “

“The next bredrin mek di man slips pan di hose down in deh. It looks like the gasdeh dung is blocking it, and run, come on, call us and we’ll put the ladder manure in deh,” said Reid.

“My friend is now running Mistpan di ladder and is going to Mist in deh fi, go and help him … My Bredrin also drops manure into a Di-hole, also blocks into a Di-Hole.”

“Then I go crap in de now and if I go crap in de, my friend de over one side and the next man on the right at the foot of the ladder, so give me a try, go over, go tek my friend. If I go de you smell just mi and mi see no, mi can’t handle dis ya scent yah, so I’ll come up, ”he added.

He said that as he climbed into the entryway, men from above helped him, and so he survived.

He pointed out that Henry, his good friend, was trembling when he saw him in the tank.

“My friend looks like he’s licking his head when he licks a wall in dehso, because when I go in deh and see him, he trembles yussa; a shake, like making a board tek piece and licking a dog and jus deh deh, ”said Reid.

“Mi nuh knows what kind of gasoline, but a bad, bad gas,” he said.

Being the sole survivor is mixed for Reid.

“Mi nuh know. I feel good and I feel good because a one to one is the best friend, ”he said.

He had worked with Kerr and Henry since 2016, but the three were friends before joining Central Cesspool.

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