MUD tool sale — home of the $2 chainsaw | Local News

“And it also turns out that Christian (Russell) and Jonathan (Peeblson) or two tool librarians also have backgrounds in beekeeping, so it works perfectly,” Valencia said.

MUD also offers workshops on composting and blacksmithing during the spring.

In addition to individuals, MUD also has local businesses and non-profit organizations such as Garden City Harvest, YWCA, and 1,000 City Gardens as members. Soil Cycle, a nonprofit that focuses on composting, has taken on a decade-old wood chopper that one of MUD’s staff was able to restore last night.

“It was really an ugly old mess of iron and steel with those massive teeth,” said head tooling librarian Christian Russell, who has been with MUD for a little over two months but had been a member almost a decade before The.

Russell said the prices for each tool are negotiable. Some of the quickest items on Saturday were a ladder, leaf blowers, and a jack that could lift a small house.

“I’ve been a member for about a year and a half since I bought my first house,” said Michelle Barnum as tool librarian Park Hoeg gassed a lawnmower she was about to take home.

During those year and a half, Barnum said she came to MUD to rent ladders, see horses, plumbing tools, and painting supplies. Having borrowed a lawnmower and weed killer from the organization on a regular basis, she stopped on Saturday to see if she could no longer own them.

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