Mumbai: Rs 1 crore deteriorating public SoBo loo undergoes repair again | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The ocean view toilet on Marine Drive promenade in South Mumbai, which was started to a great roar in October 2018 and was built for almost 1 billion rupees, is being renovated again.
After the condition of the inner and outer parts of the toilet deteriorated, the BMC started repairs through the JSW Foundation. Regular strollers on Marine Drive indicated that a mobile toilet is currently being placed next to the existing toilet (which is being repaired) for visitors to the boardwalk.

The public toilet is a boon to hundreds of daily visitors to this striking promenade. With the facility located near the shore, the structure corroded quickly in less than three years. The BMC, which built the toilet with CSR funds through a private foundation, must ensure that it is properly refurbished and renovated.

Mahendra Shirtev, a local, said the toilet located very close to the sea may have put stress on the structure. “There is also a police chowky on the boardwalk that was installed about a year ago and has apparently started to corrode,” he said. Shivdas Gurav, deputy municipal commissioner in charge of the A station, said that as the condition deteriorated, repairs were needed. “The repairs are being carried out by the JSW Foundation. We asked for tiles to be laid within the facility so that regular cleaning is also convenient. At the moment, weathered steel sheets were attached and therefore not easy to clean, ”said Gurav.
Atul Kumar, vice president of the Nariman Point Churchgate Citizens Welfare Trust (NPCCWT), who noted the facility was being rebuilt, said one of the problems raised by regular strollers was the stench from the toilet as it had no sewer connection. “It appears that they are replacing the entire structure, but the core of the problem is the lack of connection to the sewer,” said Kumar. Barely a few months after the toilet was inaugurated, complaints began that they stink. The toilet has no sewer connection and is located across the street.
Therefore, the septic tank located in it is cleaned by a suction tank every other day. Civic officials said Marine Drive is a VIP route, however, laying a sewer now and connecting it from across the street would disrupt traffic.

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