Neible’s Landing wants American Rescue Plan funds for septic project

Federal funding for the American COVID-19 rescue plan limits projects to infrastructure. Most townships have difficulties in finding suitable projects.

Some residents of Neible’s Landing, on the north end of Craig Lake, asked the Girard Township to help set up a master sewage system for their homes.

“We’re a community of 34 houses back there. But we’re looking at a septic system in the community, “said Terry Reen.

Most homeowners want the entire septic tank of the home to be brought into one central system in a corn field north of the subdivision.

“The farmers have agreed to sell us everything we need. We’ll put our tanks up there, away from the lake, “Reen said.

Typically, about 10% of septic tanks in the state fail, especially near lakes with water levels near the septic tanks.

“The further we get away from the lake, the better we are all. Each house will have its own mill pumps, ”Reen said.

These would replace the septic tanks and the wastewater would be pumped to a higher location to a main tank and field.

Reen expects the Girard community to use the ARP funds to pay for the project engineering, drilling lines from the homes to the main tank and field. Individual connections are the responsibility of each homeowner. About half of the homeowners support the project.

The group has set up an association that owns and manages the project. You have a consulting engineer who could start work after the first of the year. The group has spoken with the District Public Works Bureau, the local health authority, and the Department for the Environment, Great Lakes and Energy about the operation and permit.

“Usually it’s a pretty doable program,” Reen said. The engineer would have the final plans.

The homeowners don’t charge all the money for the work. Reen said the costs could be tax-covered and spread over 20 years. He hopes the community will contribute to the upfront costs.

For homeowners, the master system is a good choice. Replacing a current lakefront clarification system if it fails will cost about $ 10,000.

“And it would reduce the pollution of the lake. That’s one of our goals, ”said Reen.

Like most others in Branch County, the Girard Ward has not yet decided how to spend its ARP funds.

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