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NEVADA, Mon – After the winter weather in February, many people had leaky pipes and high water bills.

We spoke to the Nevada mayor and a resident who has seen a larger than usual water bill. Mayor George Knox says people shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars in water bills. The only way to fix this is to adjust people’s bills.

George Knox – Mayor Said, “You know it’s only fair. It was not the taxpayers’ fault, and to some extent it was our fault. “

The average monthly water bill for Nevada residents is $ 45. But after the polar vortex that hit in February, many people like Joe Martin saw their rocket missile well over $ 1,600.

Joe Martin – Nevada resident, said, “I think the cold weather, the pipes broke and it leaked out under the house and it leaked over 200,000 gallons and so my bill was over $ 2,300.”

“It was an incredible time of year for water no matter how you look at it. We’ve been besieged by a really bad storm for the past few weeks and the plumbers are certainly busy at this particular time and we’ve had problems with basement water retention and water bills, ”Knox said.

Because of this issue, Nevada is implementing a temporary leak adjustment policy. Residents who have had higher than normal bills due to leaks are advised to go to town hall with proof of repair. This includes plumbing bills, parts receipts, plumbing permits, and much more. However, residents should note that they must send this information to the City Hall in a timely manner.

“It is important that citizens submit their documents to us within 10 days so that we can evaluate and see which direction we are going.”

If the city didn’t do this, Martin and his mother would have to take drastic measures.

“If we hadn’t got this break there, we would have to move. And so we stay there because of the break, ”said Martin.

The city is writing off $ 10,000-15,000 to enact this policy. If people are approved for this, the adjustment of their invoice will not be more than the last two billing periods.

Mayor Knox says they don’t know how long this temporary plan will be in place, but they will have a better idea after their city council meeting next month.

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