New Poll: Overwhelming Bipartisan Support for Funding Lead Pipe Replacement

A new poll released today by Black Millennials for Flint, BlueGreen Alliance and Environmental Defense Fund shows voters strongly support funding for lead pipe replacement in water systems across the country. Regardless of political party, region, type of community, age or race, or ethnic group, an overwhelming majority of voters expressed concerns about the lead pipe issue in the United States.

The grassroots voters of both parties are investing back in our country by funding this work. The national poll found that four in five voters (80%) support funding for lead pipe replacement, including 74% of Trump 2020 voters and 85% of Biden 2020 voters. Overall, 75% of Republican voters, 77% of independent voters, and 84% of Democratic voters voted in favor of politics. This strong support also extended to different regions of the United States, regardless of whether the voter was in a city, suburb, or rural area.

“America is experiencing a cross-generational leadership crisis. While lead poisoning disproportionately affects BIPOC communities like Flint, MI, everyone is at risk of lead exposure in our drinking water. Our country has spoken – it is time to prioritize funding for the replacement of lead pipes in our water systems. In the words of our great ancestors Fannie Lou Hamer: “We are tired of being sick and tired.” Water is life and we just can’t wait. Our policymakers and lawmakers must act now. “- – LaTricea Adams, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Black Millennials for Flint.

“Everyone in our country deserves safe and healthy drinking water. For far too long, however, too little has been done to replace the plumbing that carries water to millions of homes in the United States. This toxic hazard continues to plague communities – and disproportionately low-income communities and color communities – across the country. Eliminating the sources of lead exposure in our water systems will improve the health of these communities while creating good jobs and boosting local economies across the country. We can’t afford to wait any longer. It is crucial that Congress and the Biden administration act now to address this issue. “- – Jason Walsh, Executive Director of the BlueGreen Alliance.

“There are few issues today that voters across the political spectrum seem to agree on, but this poll shows that funding for lead pipe replacement is definitely one of them. Funding the replacement of the lead pipes that supply US households with drinking water will greatly protect health, reduce health inequalities, and improve water infrastructure – and is largely supported by the country’s electorate. It is time for Congress to act. “- – Tom Neltner, EDF chemicals policy director.

The survey revealed:

  • Lead pipes are a major concern: 81% of voters (76% Republicans, 81% Independents, and 86% Democrats) identify lead pipes as very worrying or a little worrying in the US.
  • Over 3/4 (79%) of voters believe that funding the replacement of lead pipes should be a priority for lawmakers. This includes 71% of Republican voters, 85% of Democratic voters, and 79% of independent voters.

The online poll was conducted by Morning Consult between February 23 and 26 among a national sample of 1,996 registered voters with the aim of measuring support for lead pipe replacement.

Additional information:

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