New state program will affect local septic tank owners

MAHONING CO., Ohio (WKBN) – All wastewater treatment plant owners in the Tri-County area are quickly learning about a new state program.

Mahoning County knows about 17,000 septic tanks in the county, most of which are underground.

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Counties must start an operations and maintenance-focused program within the next three years, and Mahoning County begins next year.

“It’s a federal requirement, but there’s a good scientific reason why this helps people,” said Colton Masters, director of environmental health for Mahoning County Public Health.

The state wants to protect surface and groundwater by catching failing sewage treatment plants at an early stage. Also, reduce the number of complaints about water discharge on land that is not owned by people.

The state requires homeowners to have their sewage treatment plants checked.

“During those three years someone has to come out and pump or evaluate your septic tank,” Masters said.

This cost can be $ 100 or more.

Mahoning County sent cards to friends with sewage treatment plants. The townships of Beaver and Springfield have the most, each with over 2,000.

The meetings will explain the programs, fees and the purpose of the program that keeps the sewage treatment plants in order.

“The better you take care of it, the more you know about your own septic system, the longer it will take. So we’re really trying to help people, ”said Masters.

If you receive one of the cards in the mail and cannot attend the meeting, the presentation is online.

Fees are up to $ 125 per year.

Trumbull and Columbiana counties are also implementing their plans to comply with the state program.

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