Newly Qualified Queenstown Plumber Wins 2021 James Douglas Medallion

Alan Wharton, a commercial maintenance installer at Flints Plumbing in Queenstown, was named the overall winner of the James Douglas Medallion at the 2021 New Zealand Plumbing Awards in Blenheim on Friday March 26th.

Alan recently completed his Masterlink training at Flints Plumbing and is no stranger to the recognition. He won a Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) apprentice award for the first year of apprenticeship of the year, an outstanding apprentice award for master plumbers, and was the overall winner of the 2020 Plumbing World Scholarship.

At the end of his third year of apprenticeship, the company’s longtime plumber decided to keep going and Alan took on this challenging role.

“Alan exceeded our expectations in all aspects of this challenging role. He has shown excellent problem-solving skills while not being afraid to seek advice,” said Andy Langford, owner of Flints Plumbing and Andy’s manager.

Alan has always played an active role in health and safety on the team and has been a leader in raising awareness about depression and mental health – an area that desperately needs attention in the industry.

“There is no doubt that Alan exceeds the expectations of his work, but that alone does not set him apart. Alan really has to influence his work,” said Brendan Parker, Regional Manager of Masterlink, in his nomination.

The prestigious James Douglas Medallion has been awarded every year since 1948. It recognizes outstanding, recently qualified craftsmen who have demonstrated hard work, dedication and determination to make the industry successful.

Alan wins the James Douglas Medallion along with $ 500 cash and a $ 2500 career development scholarship from Skills NZ.

About the New Zealand Plumbing Awards

The New Zealand Plumbing Awards recognize the industry’s many positive successes and success stories and are presented at a gala dinner on the final evening of the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference. Organized by Master Plumbers, the national conference has been held for over 100 years and is the premier event in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industries. Participants come from all over the country.

About master plumbers

Master Plumbers, Gas Installers and Drainers NZ Inc (Master Plumbers) is the national membership organization for plumbing, gas installation and drainage companies with 18 regional associations and offices across New Zealand. Companies go through a quality assurance program to become members. Members receive a wide range of resources and training opportunities to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology, products, and compliance requirements. Master Plumbers stands up on behalf of its members and the plumbing industry. The association organizes the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference, culminating in the prestigious New Zealand Plumbing Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in the industry.

Via Masterlink

Masterlink, a group training program by Master Plumbers, offers managed mentoring apprenticeships across New Zealand. Regional managers support the apprentices and the companies that take them on during their training.

Source: Installers Gas installers and drainlayers

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