Nivito’s luxurious high-quality faucets for Indian Consumers

The Indian economy is a lucrative pool of new opportunities for new businesses and international companies looking to expand. The sanitary ware market in India offers great potential. According to the survey, “The Indian tile, sanitary ware and bathroom faucet market accounted for $ 5,945 million in 2017. The market is projected to hit an estimate of $ 10,480 million by 2023, with a CAGR of around 10% in 2018-2023. “

Because of these good prospects, the international manufacturer is now part of the Indian market. The Swedish washbasin and fittings manufacturer Nivito AB started on the Indian market in 2019. With the entry into the Indian market, Mr. Per Tannenberg, Managing Director of Nivito, expressed: “India is a big market. We also know that there is a great preference for stainless steel in India. Nivito India offers an unmatched selection of designs and finishes in kitchen fittings. All of our fittings are made of stainless steel. “

Mr. Tannenberg’s expectations came through the Indian economy and today Nivito is a part of the Indian market and is valued by interior designers and architects. The company now wants to expand its product range to the Indian market. Nivito presented its luxurious, high quality faucets for Indian consumers.

The company’s product range includes patented stainless steel fittings such as Nivito Rhythm, which are a design innovation.

Faucet collections from Nivito

Nivoto’s range of kitchen faucets is a popular choice for interior design because of its stylish and comfortable appearance. Their timeless designs offer outdoor showers, pull-out faucets, single-lever mixers, bar faucets and classic faucets. In addition to the designer stainless steel fittings series with brass applications, the company also offers fittings accessories for a complete luxury experience.

The Swedish manufacturer also offers washbasin fittings in various colors for commercial and household applications.

Nivito also offers stainless steel colored sinks, outdoor showers and other sanitary products. All of these offerings showcase Scandinavian design inspiration and the beauty of pastel colors.

Nivito is among the top companies that have gained huge acclaim on social media like Instagram. The company is famous for its design innovations and its luxury appeal from architects worldwide. With this popularity, the organization’s Indian company was also a success. The introduction of a new series of fittings speaks for the company’s success in the Indian market.

The company had previously expressed its expectations of an Indian partner company. The company said it was looking for a partner for a brand like Nivito that emphasizes safety and aesthetics. The company also wanted to work with leading Indian architects to complement Nivito’s design policy.

To explain her design philosophy, Mr. Tannenberg says: “For us, architects are the center of our business. In all the markets in which we operate, the architects are the main drivers of our product portfolio. “

Stainless steel is recognized worldwide for its safety and corrosion resistance properties. The Nivito product range is inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and design patterns. The company is convinced that the aesthetic sense of its sanitary range is combined with its philosophy of offering sage and high quality products.

About Nivito AB

Nivito AB is a leading Swedish manufacturer of stainless steel bathroom and kitchen fittings. The focus of the company’s philosophy is on architects and how their contributions complement their design offerings. Today Nivito is part of the North American, Singaporean and Australian markets in addition to Europe.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in creating this campaign.

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