Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Markets, 2012-2017 & 2017-2022 Featuring Amiantit Oman, Hepworth, Muna Noor, National Plastic, & UGPM

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The plastic pipes and fittings market in Oman is at a late stage of growth. The market registered a five-year single-digit CAGR from 2012 to 2017. In the plastic pipes and fittings market, plastic fittings are mainly imported from neighboring countries. Water conservation is one of the major trends in Oman that has impacted the plastic pipe and fittings market. The demand for different varieties of plastic pipe that are tougher and more economical is the other key factor behind the increase in sales of plastic pipes and fittings.

Market segmentation

According to the type of pipes

The market is divided into UPVC, PVC and CPVC, PE and others. Others include plastic pipes like ABS, PP, etc. In 2017, PE pipes had the largest market share. UPVC pipe is the second largest because these types of pipes are reasonably priced and widely used in various sectors such as water pipes etc. PVC and CPVC have been replaced by various other materials such as PE pipes. The latest pipe types such as ABS, PPR and PPX are categorized among others because their individual sales contribution is small.

According to market structure

The organized players have the highest market share. Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor and Hepworth are some of the players in the organized plastic pipes and fittings sector. There are less than 10 players in the organized market and these companies make high quality plastic pipes and fittings. The players in the non-organized market mostly only manufacture PVC pipes.

Through domestically made and imported products

The domestically manufactured products acquire most of the market share, which includes all types of plastic pipe. The low raw material price is one of the reasons for the high market share of domestically manufactured pipes. Imported products, which mainly contain fittings, have a small market share.

By end-user application

Water supply and sewage, irrigation, oil and chemical industry plumbing, plumbing and others (cable protection and gas, etc.) are the main applications for end users of plastic pipes and fittings. Most of the plastic pipes and fittings in Oman are used for water supply and sewer systems. This is because UPVC and HDPE pipes are preferred by the government as they are comparatively inexpensive when compared to steel and iron pipes. Sanitary applications have a comparatively smaller market share due to the low use of plastic pipes. The chemical and oil industries are widespread in Oman and have shown that plastic pipes are increasingly being used in their new projects. Other applications include gas and electric cable transmission.

Competitive scenario

The market is focused on the five largest companies including Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor, National Plastic, Hepworth and United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Company. Of these companies, National Plastic and UGPM are the two companies that make plastic fittings. The valve market is largely import-driven. Amiantit Oman is the largest manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings in the country with a high market share. It is followed by Muna Noor, National Plastic, Hepworth and UGPM, which together account for more than three quarters of sales of plastic pipes and fittings in Oman. There are some disorganized players in the market who have very little market share.

Future prospects

The future outlook (2017-2022) for the industry is positive and is expected to grow with a CAGR above the current estimate period (2012-2017). It is expected that the PE pipe will grow the fastest among all types of plastic pipe due to the growth in the end-user application areas. The use of PVC pipe is expected to decrease due to its substitution with other types of plastic pipe. Organized sector manufacturers’ market share is expected to increase in 2022. Domestic manufacturing is expected to grow in the near future, mainly contributing through better capacity utilization. In the case of an end-user application, plastic pipes used in the oil and chemical industry along with water supply and sewer lines are expected to grow the fastest due to the increased focus on restoring economy and preserving water.

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

  • Market overview
  • Market segmentation
  • Competitive landscape
  • Future analysis and projections

2. Research methodology
2.1. Market definitions
2.2. Abbreviations
2.3. Market size and modeling

3. Snapshot of the Middle East Plastic Pipe and Fittings Market
3.1. Overview of plastic pipes and fittings from the Middle East
3.2. Middle East Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Size, 2013-17
3.3. Middle East plastic pipes and fittings market segmentation, 2017
3.3.1. By pipe type (PVC, PE and PBR, PPR and ABS), 2017
3.3.2. After organized and disorganized, 2017
3.3.3. By end-user applications (irrigation, water supply and wastewater applications, plumbing, chemical and oil, and others), 2017
3.4. Middle East Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Outlook, 2017-2023

4. Overview of the plastic pipes and fittings market in Oman
4.1. Manufacturing process of plastic pipes
4.2. Oman Plastic Pipes and Fittings market value chain
4.3. Raw material suppliers for the Oman market for pipes and fittings

5. Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Size in Oman, 2012-17
5.1. Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Size in Oman, by Revenue, 2012-17

6. Market segmentation for plastic pipes and fittings in Oman, 2017
6.1. By pipe type (PE, UPVC, CPVC, PVC, others), 2017
6.2. After organized and disorganized, 2017
6.3. According to domestically manufactured and imported products, 2017
6.4. By end-user applications (irrigation, water supply and sanitation, plumbing, chemical and oil, others), 2017
6.5. Product pricing

7. Competitive scenario and company profile
7.1. Amiantit Oman
7.2. Muna Noor
7.3. Hepworth
7.4. United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co. LLC
7.5. National Plastic Oman

8. Factors that affect the market
8.1. Common certificates in the Oman PVC market

9. Future Outlook for Oman Pipes and Fittings, 2017-22
9.1. Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Future Market Segmentation, 2017-22
9.1.1. By pipe type (PE, UPVC, CPVC and PVC, others), 2017-22
9.1.2. After organized and disorganized, 2017-22
9.1.3. By type of source, 2017-22
9.1.4. By End User Application Type, 2017-22

10. Growth drivers

  • Infrastructure growth
  • Increase in tourism
  • Replacement for steel pipes
  • Immediately available raw materials

11. Limitations

  • Lack of injection molding techniques
  • Low oil prices
  • Meet industry standards

12. Trends

13. SWOT analysis of Oman Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market

14. Vendor selection mechanism in the plastic pipes and fittings market in Oman

15. Analyst recommendations

16. Macroeconomic Variables Affecting the Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market in Oman
16.1. Oman GDP, 2012-22
16.2. Number of households in thousands, 2012-22
16.3. Oman construction industry, in billion USD, 2012-22

Mentioned companies

  • Amiantit Oman
  • Hepworth
  • Muna Noor
  • National plastic
  • UGPM

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