Out-of-town plumbers need help to keep helping Houston families in need after winter storm

HOUSTON – Two brothers from West Virginia and their plumbing crew have been in Houston for nearly a week, helping dozens of families in need of repair after the recent winter storm.

They have already used the nearly $ 30,000 raised to help people for free. With these funds running out, they are now using their own money and don’t think they can do it any longer.

“We’re pretty big in the hole right now, and I mean pretty big,” said David Dellinger of American Professional Plumbing Services. “The donations are not a fraction of what we have invested.”

It was a labor of love for the brothers and their team.

“It was difficult to leave our families, but it was necessary,” said Dellinger. “We saw the screams. We have seen the people who have suffered and there are just not enough of us artisans. “

Beth Stanaland lives in south Houston. She is 81 years old and is currently being treated for a rare blood cancer. Her house lost energy when the ice storm hit and her pipes burst. She has been without water for two weeks.


American Professional Plumbing Services will repair your home for free.

“The stress was enormous, very bad for my health,” said Stanaland. “When I have running water and hot water and no water is flowing down, it is a great relief. It’s a great relief. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for David. “

The original plan was to help about 1,000 families over the next few weeks, but as money gets tight it gets tougher.

“There are a lot of people who can’t pay for it and we’re trying,” said Dellinger. “So we need a lot of money to help and continue to help, but if we don’t get it, we’ll have to pack soon.”

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