PermitUsNow Provides Texas Homeowners Tips on When a Plumbing Permit is Required

HOUSTON, February 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Permit Us Now provides homeowners with practical tips Texas blew up the water pipes due to the recent winter frost. Millions of Texas Homeowners were without water last week because of the dangerous winter frost and today many are still without water because of broken water pipes. All over the state Texas, licensed plumbers repair and install new water pipes for homeowners.

Helen Callier advocates for Texans with sanitary permit tips

PermitUsNow’s goal is to minimize further pain and hit the Texans’ pockets by providing practical tips on how to repair broken water pipes. For example, a plumbing repair permit is required if the work is extensive and exceeds the minimum length of water pipes set as minor work by your local city permit center. Make sure you speak to the licensed installer before starting any work. A repair permit is not required for minor plumbing repairs, replacing sheetrocks and fastening cabinets.

“We live in Texas and we experienced power, water and cell outages like many of our neighbors. After receiving numerous calls and emails from homeowners looking for plumbers because of broken plumbing, we decided to issue a bulletin highlighting when a permit is required to repair plumbing. ” Moruf Jimoh, AAIA, Technical Manager, PermitUsNow

I was born and raised in Texas and what I know for sure is that Texans help other Texans! And share our licensing expertise with homeowners and even contractors in Texas Handling repairs to homes is one way that PermitUsNow is stepping up to make a difference. ” Helen Callier, President, PermitUsNow

PermitUsNow is a recognized leader in the construction industry doing business across the state Texas and writes helpful articles in SubContractors USA and in obtaining building permits. For more tips on getting a plumbing repair permit, visit the website.

About allow us now

Founded in September 2016, Permit Us Now is the central construction company helping architects, engineers and contractors save time and money and get construction started on time. Permit Us Now covers over 400 jurisdictions in Texas and expedited permits in LA, AR, OH and other states. Allow us now has offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin, Texas. Permit Us Now manages approval from the design phase to completion of commercial, institutional and residential projects with a team of recognized experts. Permit Us Now was also recently recognized as a success story by HEB Grocery and by subcontractors USA for innovations in the construction industry.

Permit Us Now is a certified minority and women owned company through its parent company City of Houston and NMSDC. Permit Us Now customers include HEB, JOERIS, Burns and McDonnell, United Airlines, Crystal Clean, BrakeCheck and CVS.

To learn more about Permit Us Now, LLC, visit or follow @permitusnow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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