PEX plumbing: What are the essential tools?

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Whether you’re renovating a property or building a new build, plumbing is an integral part of the process. You need to assemble pipes, install them in the property, and make sure water is distributed to all necessary equipment. Plumbing must be done correctly the first time. Any problems can later lead to catastrophic damage to the property and your bank account.

Copper pipes are traditionally used for the plumbing system. However, PEX hoses are becoming increasingly popular with DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. PEX makes it easier to lay pipelines, is frost-resistant indoors and no soldering is required. It costs less than half the price of copper pipe and is much easier to install and remodel. PEX has been used around the world for decades and provides leak-free installation for 30 years. Sounds like a dream right?

The main problem with PEX is that it is often poorly customized and installed. You need the right skills and equipment to get the most out of the PEX system. Here are the main installation tools you will need when installing PEX pipe.

Tools for tightening and loosening

Multipurpose pliers are useful for PEX pipes. They are small and easy to transport in hard-to-reach places. Use pliers for irregularly shaped objects or small screws that you need to turn.

If you have a bigger nut and bolt, a wrench or wrench may fit better. A flat wrench can grip the fastener while applying the torque required to turn the screw.

Tools for bending and cutting

Plumbing can be tricky work, and you may find yourself trying to squeeze tools into tight spaces – especially if you’re adjusting pipes that are already installed. Crimping pliers give you the precision you need to work with tiny parts of the plumbing system. However broken.

On the other hand, plug-on pliers are anything but sensitive and can be used for many tasks. Obtain a pair of socket pliers if you are working with pipes of different thicknesses. With the push-on pliers you can securely grip the pipe and adjust the tool to different strengths.

Finally, you will need a pipe cutter to adjust the length of the PEX pipes. You can buy PEX in a variety of thicknesses, but you usually need to cut it to the correct length for your property. Use some pipe cutters to make a clean and precise cut on the PEX. Any errors or irregularities can impair the installation and tightness of the end fittings.

Be careful when bending and cutting your PEX pipe system. Hire a professional plumber to install the PEX system so you don’t have to worry about leaks later.

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