Pipe bomb found outside South Sacramento elementary school for 2nd time this month

SOUTH SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – A pipe bomb was found outside a South Sacramento elementary school for the second time in March.

Tara Gallegos of the Sacramento City Unified School District said a pipe bomb was found on the sidewalk on Laurine Way near Ethel I. Baker Elementary School on Friday.

On March 2, there was a pipe bomb and a zip gun in front of the school.

The school’s facility manager found the device just before 6 a.m. early in the morning, Gallegos told FOX40.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s office and explosives teams responded to the area and determined the device was a pipe bomb.

According to Sgt., The authorities made the device safe by dismantling it. Kionna Rowe.

“It was actually a real pipe bomb. Our Crime Scene Investigation Unit is here to take pictures, take pictures of things, and they will gather evidence and hopefully find something, ”explained Rowe.

In both incidents, pipe bombs were found in sight. Nobody was hurt.

Rowe told FOX40 the devices had no timers and there was no one to detonate them.

“I’m like again, what’s going on? That was my first reaction, what’s wrong? “said preschool assistant Amanda Mclain.

Mclain said she heard about the incident on social media as she was preparing to get to work on Friday morning.

Pipe bomb, zip gun discovered outside elementary school in South Sacramento

During the week, Gallegos said, around 50 students attend the elementary school campus, which serves as a learning center, while it is closed for regular classes.

Gallegos added that families were contacted about the incident around 7:15 a.m. before the learning center started and there were no students on campus when the pipe bomb was found.

This incident was worrying, but we want to reassure our school community that we will take all necessary steps to protect our students. The safety of our students and employees is our top priority. Our school management responded quickly and appropriately by reaching out to law enforcement, canceling our district’s Learning Hub program at Baker for the day, contacting the Learning Hub attendees, and redirecting catering services to another location. Our district is working closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate this incident, including by providing camera footage of the area. We will continue to provide information and resources as necessary to support this ongoing investigation.

Sacramento City Integrated School District

“You have been redirected and evicted for that reason. It’s about when someone is at risk: children, the community. It’s very worrying, ”said Rowe.

“So we’re really trying to put the pieces together,” she continued. “Detectives and our MPs have searched the area trying to find cameras that can lead us into who is actually doing this.”

Gallegos told FOX40 that students will be taking distance learning classes on Friday.

“I hope they find out in time for opening day, when we’re all back on campus,” said Mclain.

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