Plumb Medic Offering Affordable Plumbing Solutions in Woodstock and the North Metro Atlanta Area

Plumb Medic recognizes that large corporations tend to lower the cost of plumbing services. This is where the Plumb Medic team comes in. They offer licensed and insured plumbing services at an affordable price because nobody has to worry about a long repair bill.

Plumb Medic prides itself on reaching its business and customers through word of mouth, which enables significant savings for its customers as the company saves on advertising costs.

They understand that installation problems cannot be solved over the phone. That’s why they offer the cheapest travel fee in North Atlanta for just thirty-nine dollars. If the customer uses the company’s service, the travel fee is waived.

The founders have more than eighteen and twelve years of experience in the North Metro Atlanta area and work for the largest commercial and residential plumbing companies in the South. They bring extensive experience and specialist knowledge to serve their customers in the best possible way.

At Plumb Medics, licensed personnel ensure that all installation problems are resolved the first time. For the first time, customers using Plumb Medics will receive five percent of their first repair as a thank you.

Plumbing services include installing toilets, repairing leaks, replacing toilet flanges, and rebuilding toilets. Plumb Medics also diagnoses and repairs problematic gas, electric and instantaneous water heaters. They only install top notch water heaters that can stand the test of time.

Plumb Medics can repair pin holes or an entire line replacement for those who have water leaks or a high water bill. For energy-efficient upgrades, their on-demand tankless solutions can provide any home or business with endless hot water. For house renovations, Plumb Medics carries out the repairs to the entire house and the replacement of polybutylene.

In addition to the company’s plumbing services, they believe in doing everything they can to support the local community. Plumb Medics proudly supports Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, and two percent of all Plumb Medic service requests go to Children’s, a life changing organization.

Those in need of plumbing services in the North Metro Atlanta area can contact a Plumb Medic expert on their website at

Contact name: Cameron Swadely

Email: [email protected]

About Plumb Medic LLC

Plumber serving Woodstock and the North Metro Atlanta Area

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