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In most cases, a touchless kitchen faucet can be installed on an existing sink.

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From Ed Del Grande Tribune News Service

Question: Dear Ed: We need to replace our kitchen faucet and I’ve been thinking of a new touchless type to keep things as hands-free as possible. Can a touchless faucet be installed on a standard kitchen sink and can you give me more information about it?

Answer: In most cases, a touchless kitchen faucet can be installed on an existing sink. In terms of installation, they connect in a similar way to a non-electronic kitchen faucet.

The big difference is that some kind of power source is usually required to operate a touchless faucet. Some may be battery operated, but the more advanced touchless faucets may need to be plugged into a special and code-approved outlet for them to be used under the sink.

Now when I mention “advanced” I’m not only talking about faucets with a motion sensor, I’m also saying that some of the smart touchless faucets even have voice activated options. Other functions can be manual override in the event of a power failure, monitoring of water consumption, multi-function spray heads and LED status lights.

Bottom line: Today’s smart kitchen faucets are not only touchless, they can even leave you breathless with all the cool options.

General contractor / plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call”, host of television and Internet shows and LEED Green Associate. Visit or write to [email protected]. Always contact local contractors and codes.

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