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Question: Ed: We are planning to update both of our bathrooms. The goal is to give our bathrooms a high quality look through creative plumbing fixtures. I’ve seen bathroom sinks called console sinks, but I don’t fully understand this concept. Can you explain?

Answer: To get a complete understanding of a console tabletop sink, let’s first go through some basic sink styles. You will shortly see why I want to mention these other sink styles and how a console sink relates to all of them.

Wall-hung sinks are anchored to the wall and provide an open space underneath. A pedestal sink is supported by a decorative base. A vanity is mounted on a closed storage box.

This brings us to the concept of the console sink, which can incorporate features of all of these sinks. It is basically a high quality sink mounted on a decorative open stand with two or four legs supporting the sink. Not only does it look good, but usually the stand includes additional shelves and even a pull-out drawer or storage basket.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a high-end sink that can add a decorative splash, check out a console sink setup.

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