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Question: Ed: I’m installing a new sink / vanity and want to install an above average faucet. However, I don’t want the faucet’s spout to be so high that it splashes on top. What do you suggest for a viable faucet choice?

Answer: Tall bathroom faucets are available, but these are typically intended for sink applications. While sink faucets are attractive, they can be a little too tall for a standard vanity setup.

To gain a little more spout height and still be a viable choice for a wash basin, I recommend a bathroom fitting with a low gooseneck. These faucets feature a medium-high gooseneck style spout with a variety of handle styles and finishes to choose from.

Some low gooseneck bathroom faucets have laminar spouts to save water and reduce splashes. Laminar runs provide a smooth, bubble-free flow that is similar to the flow you can see in a dancing water fountain.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to bend the rules of faucet spout for your new sink, check out a low gooseneck bathroom faucet (and honk if you like this advice!).

(Master Contractor / Plumber Ed Del Grande is internationally known as the author of Ed Del Grande’s House Call, moderator of TV and Internet shows, and LEED Green Associate. Visit or write to [email protected] Always consult local contractors and regulations.)

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