Plumbers Answer Your Questions About Frozen, Broken Pipes (Feb. 19, 2021) – Houston Public Media

On Friday in Houston: We will receive the latest information on efforts to restore water supplies and address water pressure issues in the greater Houston area, as well as information on power outages.

And you might have electricity, but what about problems with your pipes – and possibly even damage from broken ones? Two plumbing experts will answer your questions, which you can now send to [email protected].

Also This Hour: Next, we’ll check out Matt Harab of News 88.7 about how hospitals in the Houston area have fared this week. Reporter Jen Rice also briefs us on the Houston City Council’s actions this week with regard to evictions.

And Lucille’s local chef, Chris Williams, talks about how he and other restaurateurs like him have fed Houstonians who have no power.

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