Plumbers Association to support Denchira Asabaham Township with borehole

General news from Friday, March 12, 2021

Source: GNA


Some GPA members in a group photo

The Ghana Plumbers Association (GPA) is working to provide a well for the Denchira Asabaham community in the Greater Accra region.

Joshua Nyamevor, president of the association, said the initiative is this year’s World Installation Day.

“This is our day and it is helping reduce water crises and sanitation problems in the community,” he said.

Presentation at a press conference on the day of the topic; “We serve our communities with professionalism,” said Nyamevor. The project was in the consultation phase with stakeholders in the community and would be completed in three months.

He said the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made the world aware of the importance of the plumbing profession, as continued hand washing with soap under running water is the “golden rule” in fighting infection.

The president said that in order to serve the communities with professionalism, the association has introduced a competency-based training program (CBT) for learners on “special offers”.

“We will also plan incubation programs for businesses and entrepreneurs to address the sustainability of employment and job security in our sector. This requires close cooperation with the Association of Small Industry (ASSI), the National Committee for Small Industry (NBSSI). , Artisans Association of Ghana (AAG) and other related institutions, “he said.

In addition, Nyamevor said GPA will set up the Plumbers Mutual Fund to address resource and access problems, to give members a competitive advantage in business negotiations and support community development.

Alhaji Saeed Moomen, National President of the Association of Small Industries (ASSI) urged plumbers to join the association, to band together to build their craft and make the profession a formidable profession in the country.

He also praised the GPA’s initiative to support the people in Denchira Asabaham with drinking water.

Congregation member, Denchira Asabaham, Mr. Ahortor Ebenezer, said the community in Ga South Township shared water with cattle from a sand extraction pit.

“For the last twelve years I’ve been in the ward, this has been our only source of water,” he said.

The member of the congregation said there were about 6,800 voters in the community, as recorded in the 2020 general election.

He thanked GPA for the thoughtfulness and said the community needed about ten holes to serve the people.

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