Plumbers work to catch up after February cold snap in the Ozarks

SPRINGFIELD, Mon. (KY3) – Are you waiting to schedule a plumber? You’re not alone.

Plumbers in the Springfield area say they are working on catching up on all the work the recent cold snap brought them.

With All Klear, All Hours Plumbing heating and cooling, plumbers can’t keep up with the work. The cold snap a few weeks ago brought so many frozen pipes that they worked to fix them. The company says its plumbers worked 12 to 14 hours a day for about two full weeks. They say customers who had never seen frozen pipes found them. And water pipes froze even underground during the extreme cold.

Plumbers prioritized jobs and kept some waiting. They say they can usually reach customers who call the same day. But lately customers have been waiting four or five days.

The cold snap created a problem with the materials. Companies make the resin in PVC pipes in Texas, where factories shut down during the cold snap. And the pandemic stopped manufacturers. Supply and demand have driven the price of PVC and water heaters soaring for similar reasons.

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