Plumbing Pipe Advocate Launches an Initiative that Will Endorse US Made PEX, CPVC, Copper and Cast Iron Pipe Makers–Homeowners/Buyers Need To Be Sure They Are Buying the Best Plumbing Pipe Possible-Not Cheap or a Knock Off

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The plumbing pipe attorney believes there are a handful of the best manufacturers of PEX, CPVC, copper plumbing pipe, and / or cast iron sewer pipe The United States. In almost all cases, these companies have been around for a long time. Any plumber who’s been in the business for a long time knows who these pipe manufacturers are.

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Plumbing Pipe Advocate

Plumbing Pipe Advocate

The big problem is that most homeowner buyers would not know the difference between PEX-CPVC, and they would not know the difference between a well-known brand of US copper pipe maker and a copper pipe made in China Or anywhere else. The lawyer is trying to change these sad facts. You want homeowners to know exactly what plumbing pipe to request from their plumber when it comes to a new house pipe, when they have an existing home, or when they are looking for a new home, townhouse, or apartment to buy. https://PlumbingPipeAdvocate.Com

Says the attorney, “If you know who makes the best plumbing pipe in the country, don’t spend hours researching the internet – if you are a homeowner or home buyer. We intend to train homeowners who need a new pipe or buyer. ” Buying a new home, townhouse, or condo across the country – these are the best U.S.-made plumbing pipes. At the same time, we are suggesting to all US builders what type of plumbing pipe to use – including PEX, CBVC, copper and / or cast iron for sewage in their homes. If you’re a senior executive for a PEX, CPVC, copper pipe, or cast iron sewer pipe manufacturer, most homeowners or home buyers don’t know about your products, as we’d like to explain at 866. 714-6466.

“We want to make it a lot easier for everyone to find the best US-made plumbing pipe manufacturers or their wholesalers / distributors – and trust us – we’ve done our homework. Most US plumbing pipe manufacturers may have an all-star Wholesaler sales team – but most consumers have never heard of your products. If you are an executive at a manufacturer of the best PEX, CPVC, copper or cast iron sewer pipes made in the USA and want to sell more of your product – – Please call us at 866-714-6466 if you may be interested – this is a national initiative – it will be aggressive – and it will be made in the USA. “https://PlumbingPipeAdvocate.Com

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