Plumbing problems continue for some following freezing temperatures

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – If you went outside on Monday, you may have noticed the sharp difference in temperature from a week ago. While the freezing cold is gone now, the problems caused by the cold remain.

The owner of Brown’s Plumbing said his crew of four worked 24/7 on more than 120 homes last week. Although the warmer weather is a relief for many, the work for plumbers is just beginning.

“That frost spell came and our pipes froze like we couldn’t do anything, we couldn’t even do the laundry, nothing,” said Misty Disque.

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Disque said her water was off and her basement was flooded.

“I mean, we can’t even go down the stairs,” said Disque.

Disque said this was an expense she couldn’t afford.

“If everything goes well, there will likely be wood rot down there, so we will probably have to replace the wood. I don’t know what else is likely to be mold down there, but that’s all I can see now, ”said Disque.

Disque isn’t alone, the owner of Brown’s Plumbing said he’s still busy fixing frozen pipes.

“They thaw and burst or it already broke and they thaw and it leaks all over the place,” said Chris Brown, the owner of Browns Plumbing.

Brown said the job wasn’t nice.

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“When it was all frozen the water was ice so getting under those crawl spaces wasn’t that bad, but it’s a big mud hole now, and it takes twice as long, and the boys can’t get into someone’s house, though they come out of the hole, ”Brown explained.

“My aunt is in the same situation that she’s waiting for a plumber to come out, so it’s just kind of waiting for them to have free time,” said Disque.

Brown said when you have a crawl space check under your house checking for leaks. Often times, it takes time for the water bill to determine that there is a leak.

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