Plumbing professional offers tips to keep water lines from freezing

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – Record low temperatures in Kansas keep plumbers busy this week, responding to calls to repair frozen water pipes.

“I was probably in four frozen water pipes today. It’s still early, so I’m expecting a few more tonight when the temperatures drop, “said local plumbing professional Garrett Davis early Tuesday night.

Davis is the service manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Wichita. He said he had been working around the clock since Saturday when temperatures dropped below freezing.

“We got some calls all day and all evening. We’re a 24-hour service, so we’ve been working non-stop since the cold weather, ”he said.

Davis offered homeowners some reminders to avoid calling plumbing about frozen water pipes. First of all, you can avoid problems in your kitchen and bathroom by having the faucets on your sinks drip water. This keeps the water moving and circulating through the pipes so they don’t freeze.

“Another thing to do when you’re having issues with your faucet freezing is to keep your closets open,” said Davis.

If you keep the cabinet doors under the sink in the kitchen or bathroom open, the warm air can circulate around the pipes.

In addition to taking the simple steps in your home, Davis said you need to check the outside.

“First we look at the outside faucet to make sure the hose has been removed. This is the number one cause of frozen water pipes when you keep your hoses on, ”he said.

While the tip can help you avoid a bigger problem, if you notice your water freezing, be sure to call the professionals, Davis said.

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