Plumbing Service Lets Kindness Flow During Deep Freeze – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Last week’s icy weather has done more than enough repairs to plumbers in North Texas.

During the height of the storm, Abraham Burkat of CMH Plumbing Solutions asked his crews to do as many quick repairs as possible. but instructed them not to incriminate anyone.

“We didn’t charge anyone because we thought it was the right thing to do,” said Burkat. “People were in need. It wasn’t a situation where we were trying to make money. We were trying to get people’s water going again.”

One of these people was Odai Abdellatif in Little Elm.

“When the snow falls for the first time, everything looks so beautiful,” said Abdellatif. “And then ‘Boom!’ One of the pipes burst. “

Abdellatif said he called CMH Plumbing Solutions in a panic. Burkat told him how to turn off the water, then came over and spent two hours doing repairs for free.

“That’s actually the crazy part of this whole thing,” said Abdellatif. “He didn’t want to take anything!”

Burkat said he broke a personal record one day last week and made 19 service calls in one day. In total, its crews helped repair pipes in about 75 homes free of charge.

For Abdellatif it was the wedding present that he had not registered for. He was walking down the aisle days after the pipe burst.

“That’s just unbelievable! And that’s exactly what drives me right there,” said Burkat. “The best you can do is bring people together through smiles and good deeds.”

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