Portrush farm turns to Flogas for hot water solution

“/>From milking to mixing milk to washing up: Why Flogas offers the perfect hot water solutionFrom milking to mixing milk to washing up: Why Flogas offers the perfect hot water solution

James Taylor works 500 acres on the outskirts of Portrush. Part of the land has been family-owned since his great-grandparents moved there in 1918.

Today’s company was founded by his grandparents in 1949 and is now run by James in partnership with his parents.

Traditionally a beef processing company with a bit of arable farming, the family moved into the spring calf dairy a few years ago. In early 2020, they started calving and milking from a herd of 260 crossbred dairy heifers and installed an efficient 50-point rotating salon.

“/> Could a hot water solution benefit your farm?

However, the new facility significantly increased the need for large amounts of hot water as needed. They began looking for a similarly efficient solution to their hot water needs, not just for calving and milking, but for the entire farm.

James first became aware of the Flogas Instant Dairy Hot Water System through a farm contact. Attracted by the efficiency and on-demand benefits, he made further inquiries and was then introduced to Craig Johnston, local sales director for Flogas.

Craig visited the farm to go through everything in detail. With a lot of experience in the field, Craig James was able to provide expert advice on how the system would work for all of his family’s farm’s hot water needs.

She was also impressed by the other advantages. Apart from demand-controlled hot water with temperatures of 37 ° C to 85 ° C, there was an automated gas supply and no costs for hot water storage during the day or night. It also brought a reduced carbon footprint and complete control over how much hot water was used and when. The heating is located outside the salon, so the noise levels are minimal and the heifers are not disturbed.

James said, “We chose the Flogas hot water solution because the team not only explained the benefits of the system, but also advised on the placement of tanks and water heaters.”

Once an agreement was reached, Craig and a registered Gas Safe engineer performed an on-site walkthrough and discussed the best location to install the water heater units. A Flogas LPG tank was delivered and installed and then connected to three wall-mounted water heaters.

The installation of the Flogas LPG tank to power the new wall heaters only had a minimal impact on the farm’s daily activities. The family has not looked back since then.

James said, “After milking, we wash the milking facility and then lower the temperature to 40 ° C so that water mixes milk for feeding calves. Then it’s up to 85 ° C again to wash off the calf feeding equipment. It was of great benefit to the health of our calves. “

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