Problems continue for Dauphin Co. homeowner after pipe burst outside home, damages basement

ENHAUT, Pa. (WHTM) – We introduced you to a Dauphin County woman last month who was without heat and hot water for more than a week after a Suez water pipe burst outside her house in Enhaut and flooded her basement.

After we left Karen Dewalt’s house, Suez Water paid for the parts to fix her stove and replaced her water heater, but a month and a half later she didn’t hear from Suez Water’s insurance policy for additional repairs.

Dewalt was at the end of her mind when we met her last month.

“My last hope was abc27 messages, hoping that they would somehow help me because it’s getting colder and colder not to have heat. It’s going to be very stressful, ”said Dewalt.

The day after the interview aired, over a week after the pipe burst, Suez Water paid to repair her stove and water heater, but Dewalt’s stress hasn’t gone away. The two and a half feet of water in her basement are gone now, but there is additional damage.

“There were metal containers filled with water. There were Christmas things. There were a lot of decorations. There were big garden gnomes floating around and falling and breaking, ”Dewalt said.

And there is more.

“Mold now, and the wall where the water came in has now pushed out the mortar that was there,” said Dewalt.

Dewalt thinks Suez Water should pay for this damage. She said she received an email from Suez Water Insurance saying they would take care of it.

“Then I heard nothing and heard nothing. I’ve sent four emails since then and haven’t received a response,” said Dewalt.

We contacted Suez Water to see if they would pay for the repairs and when this could happen. They wouldn’t tell us, just tell their insurance company to take care of it and that Dewalt should keep communicating with them to get updates on what it hasn’t received yet.

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