Pueblo Water Board approves water main replacement in late March, early April

The city will replace two miles of aqueducts beginning later this month, including some in the Historic Union Avenue district. This is the first of two major replacement projects planned for this year.

Pueblo Water’s Board of Water directors on Tuesday awarded a $ 1.85 million contract to Pate Construction, a city-based company. The total cost estimate for the project is $ 2.25 million.

The project is part of major capital improvements within the Pueblo Water system as it identifies outdated infrastructure, said Joe Cervi, a public relations specialist on the board.

Newer water pipes mean better distribution.

As of 2010, Pueblo Water has spent more than $ 18.5 million on water pipe replacements.

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This first phase will focus on networks in three areas. In Union Avenue, workers will replace the main lines on B Street from Lamkin Street to the alley between Main Street and Union Avenue. in the alley between Main and Mechanic Alley from B Street to C Street; and in the alley between Lamkin Avenue and Victoria Avenue from B Street to D Street.

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The replacement also includes trunk lines near Fountain Creek on 11th Street and 10th Street between Glendale Avenue and Hudson Avenue. on 10th Street between Eerie Avenue and North Fountain Avenue; on North Fountain Avenue between 11th Street and 10th Street; and on Glendale Avenue between 8th and 7th Streets.

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The second area for the main replacement near Fountain Creek.

Pueblo Water will also replace the utility grid on Utica Avenue between 12th and Fourth Streets, as well as several other blocks in the area.

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The third area is intended to be used as the main replacement along Utica Avenue.

Most of the construction work will be carried out overnight to limit major traffic disruptions. The water authority is also considering factors that could prevent people from accessing their properties as heavy equipment and open moat lines line the road.

“While working on B Street, we assessed the narrow corridor along with the busy road and determined that the best approach is to do most of the work during the night,” said Matt Trujillo, director of operations at Pueblo Water a statement.

“Of course we have to balance this with the overall budget to make sure we get the most out of the dollars spent.”

Work on the first phase should begin at the end of March or the first week of April. Workers will be hooked up to nearby water pipes during construction so customers shouldn’t have to worry about water disruptions.

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