Rebates offered for switching to electric water heaters in San Mateo County | Local News

San Mateo County residents who replace their methane gas water heaters with electric water heaters could get discounts of at least $ 2,500, Peninsula Clean Energy announced Tuesday.

The discounts are a partnership between Peninsula Clean Energy, the official electric utility of San Mateo County, and the Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN). Peninsula Clean Energy would offer a $ 1,500 discount and an additional $ 1,000 would come from the BayREN Home + program, which offers discounts for energy efficient home improvement. Residential water heating causes more than a quarter of methane gas emissions from buildings in San Mateo County, according to Peninsula Clean Energy. Switching to electric heat pump water heaters reduces emissions and the electric heaters are more efficient than gas heaters.

Residents who participate in California’s Alternative Energy Tariff or Family Electricity Tariff assistance programs can receive an additional $ 1,000 discount from Peninsula Clean Energy.

Peninsula Clean Energy will also be offering discounts of $ 1,500 to offset the cost of upgrading electrical panels, should it be necessary to operate the new water heater.

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