Redefining the Art of the Kitchen Sink

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With the kind permission of BLANCO

As homeowners around the world seek refuge, the kitchen’s role as the main hub and quilting surface is increasingly important. Whether you’re preparing meals or doing daily cleaning tasks, a well-designed and easy-care sink is an important, but often overlooked, design element.

As our collective thoughts turn to general wellbeing, it is paramount to ensure that the kitchens we design are hygienic and efficient. For decades, BLANCO sinks have been redefining efficiency, productivity and beauty and developing materials with health and safety in mind.

A well-stocked, organized kitchen is a home’s gas station, says Jamie Gold, a San Diego-based wellness design consultant and author of Wellness by Design: A Room-to-Room Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness, and Happiness. that comes out in September.

“The kitchen is one of the most important areas, and wellness is an extremely important component in that area to make meal preparation and cleaning easier,” says Gold.

“The functionality makes kitchens easier to use and maintain, and the sink is a big part of that. The more efficient it is, the more healthy meals people will prepare at home. “

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With the kind permission of BLANCO

With its new IKON® 33 ”apron 1-3 / 4-bowl with low divide sink, BLANCO is increasing the ergonomics of the kitchen by introducing a double bowl option in its line. This industry’s first farmhouse-inspired sink is designed to make meal prep, cooking and cleaning easier and more convenient. It combines classic and contemporary design. Made from BLANCO’s ultra-tough, patented, non-porous SILGRANIT ® composite composite material that resists scratches, stains and heat, it is also exceptionally durable.

“The sink is almost like an additional counter. The many things people do in those three feet make it a very important area, ”says Cheryl Kees Clendenon, owner and lead designer at In Detail Interiors in Pensacola, FL.

“Right now people pay much more attention to hygiene in their kitchen, and one of the reasons why I like SILGRANIT® is its antimicrobial properties.”

Small pitch sinks are more convenient to stand and work in, and Gold notes that ergonomics is usually not a priority during kitchen design, although it should be.

“We do a lot of repetitive tasks in the kitchen, and following ergonomic principles can prevent many chronic diseases,” she says.

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With the kind permission of BLANCO

Since IKON’s small pitch is 5-1 / 2 inches from the bottom of the sink, handling large plates, pots and pans is a breeze. Because a farmhouse sink is installed further forward, there is no need to bend over while working on the sink, which minimizes stress on the lower back.

A well-designed sink made from easy-care materials like SILGRANIT® helps reduce steps in the kitchen, saving time and energy, adds Gold.

In addition to improving workflow, kitchen sinks can be a major focus, says Clendenon.

“We tell our customers that the SILGRANIT® sinks are the best with an open floor plan because they look less” sink-like “than anything else and the new apron front is beautiful,” she says. “BLANCO has done a very good job in making this style much more contemporary and modern.”

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With the kind permission of BLANCO

With eight trendy colors – from the latest and most versatile concrete gray to warm tones such as truffle and café brown or the sophisticated anthracite – the washbasin can be integrated into any design palette, adds Clendenon.

“I love the colors and we use a lot of BLANCO’s Metallic Gray. The small piece of reflective material looks nice and doesn’t show as much dirt. “

Clendenon adds that a full line of optional accessories that sit on built-in ledges or in adjacent recess spaces – including floating grids and cutting boards, a basket strainer and disposal flange – streamline the kitchen workflow.

“Our sink at work has the floating cutting board, which we like because it offers more surface area in a smaller space. With these well thought-out accessories, customers can really make their kitchens work for them, ”she says.

Since SILGRANIT® sinks are also food-safe and acid-resistant, they are a worry-free addition for home cooks who want innovative kitchen innovations.

“Our designers and engineers concentrate on current trends and lifestyle habits in order to create modern designs that seamlessly combine functionality, comfort and beauty,” says Edyta Drutis, Director of Brand and Communication at BLANCO North America. “From our sinks and taps to our sink accessories, we offer a multitude of timeless options that will enrich the kitchen space for years to come.”

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