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WATERTOWN – Work to build a driveway required to repair water flow and remove sediment and vegetation at the Old Pin Shop was approved by the Conservation Commission / Inland Wetlands Agency at a meeting on Thursday December 9th .

The work will restore flow from Steele Brook to the existing spillway at 115 Main Street.

Commissioners viewed the work as an emergency as the earth dam had overflowed during a recent heavy rain, presenting the possibility of a future failure if the water flow to the overflow is not resolved.

Applicant Maurice Fabiani stated that the plan was to leave the driveway in case it had to be cleared again in the future. It is only used for pond access and overflow.

Commissioners noted that a public hearing is required on an application to build a single family home, an outbuilding, a shared driveway and a water treatment plant on site at Lot 2A Bassett Rd.

Representatives of the applicant, Bassett Farm LLC, stated that the annex / barn will be used as a barn or garage in the basement with a two bedroom apartment on the second floor. The apartment will have a kitchen and other amenities, but will be connected to a sewage treatment plant.

Commissioners asked if the Torrington Health District had endorsed this concept and requested evidence of it before scheduling a hearing for Thursday, January 13, 2022. The Commission will take a tour of the package on Saturday 8 January.

The commission approved an application from the city’s public works office to install a 20-inch PVC fire line and build a 24-by-24-foot fire pond at 0 Caruso Dr.

City engineer Paul Bunevich said the contractor had failed to install a required 10,000 gallon underground water tank during the development of the property, leaving the new homes without adequate fire protection.

New regulations would now require a storage tank of at least 20,000 gallons, but the area allotted for the tank contains a lot of rock and is difficult to access now that houses have been built. The alternative is to build a fire pond in the nearby lake.

Due to the emergency, the Commission immediately gave its approval.

The commissioners planned an on-site visit of Giuseppe Polletta’s application to fill regulated areas for the construction of single-family homes on Lot 11 and Lot 12 Lake View Estates Subdivision, Lake View Drive. The site walk was scheduled for Saturday, January 8th.

The Commission cleared the transfer of a license from Dover Benedict Group LLC to Park Road Properties LLC. The store is at the intersection of Park Road and Callender Road.

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