Ridgid® diagnostics, line inspection and location

Find it faster with RIDGID Utility Location Equipment. RIDGID Utility Locators have an easy-to-use visual mapping display that can be used to safely locate utility lines and probes.

These locators can be used with RIDGID SeeSnake® cameras, which are equipped with probe transmitters to locate the camera head during a pipe inspection. They can also be used in conjunction with a line transmitter to find buried utility lines, as well as power, cable, water, gas, telecommunications, drain and sewer lines.

RIDGID SeeSnake camera rolls are premium diagnostic systems that take pipe inspections to the next level. SeeSnake camera reels offer unmatched reliability with exceptional visibility in the pipe and feature a variety of pressure cables that are stiff enough to slide out long runs but flexible enough to take tight turns.

Rugged, small-diameter cameras have powerful LEDs that illuminate the inside of the pipe and enable crisp, clear imaging inside the pipe.

RIDGID SeeSnake cameras with TruSense technology provide powerful data capabilities for diagnostics. TruSense creates a bidirectional data path between the camera head and a connected WiFi-enabled monitor from the SeeSnake CSx series.

With TruSense, advanced sensors on the camera head – including High Dynamic Range (HDR) and TiltSense – provide valuable information about the in-pipe environment.

HDR offers outstanding clarity and detail for very dark rooms and blow-out areas. The visibility of the downpipes is greatly improved as HDR provides clearer details of the pipe properties.

Robust, high-intensity LEDs in the camera head ensure exceptional visibility and a long service life, and a self-leveling camera head maintains the image (only available for certain models).

TruSense also includes a built-in TiltSense function that reports back the distance to the camera in the pipe. This inclinometer in front of the camera helps to precisely identify and diagnose problems underground.

The full line of RIDGID SeeSnake digital report monitors are equipped with WiFi connectivity. Stream inspections to your iOS or Android device using the free HQx Live Companion App. Every RIDGID SeeSnake monitor can be seamlessly integrated into SeeSnake camera rolls.

Use a RIDGID monitor to stream to a second screen and generate detailed reports on site. Ridge Tool Company is a leading global manufacturer of professional-quality tube processing tools for the plumbing, mechanical, construction, HVAC, site, electrical and facility maintenance industries.

The RIDGID brand is recognized by professional dealers and engineers for uncompromising product quality, performance, durability and service.

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