Rotorua Family Business Wins 2021 New Zealand Master Plumber Of The Year

Rotorua-based family company BOP Plumbing & Gas won the 2021 New Zealand Master Plumbing Award at the 2021 New Zealand Plumbing Awards held in Blenheim on Friday, March 26th.

Four years ago, the company switched overnight from a one-man band to a five-person workforce when Aaron and Sarah Jamieson merged their business with Aaron’s father’s company. Since then the team has grown to 24 employees. A new branch opened in Kawerau that year when New Zealand entered the first Covid-19 lockdown.

During this time, the two upgraded their fleet, renamed the business and upgraded their office systems from manual to digital. Smart uniforms, business cards and tidy vans reflect the company’s emphasis on first class service. Thanks to a 24-hour emergency service, customers are never left without hot water or gas to cook with.

BOP Plumbing & Gas has set itself the goal of developing its own skilled craftsmen, with a steady influx of trainees coming through the company. Despite the demands of running a business, Aaron loves using the tools whenever he can and passing his skills on to the next generation of plumbers and gas installers, both men and women.

With two boys of their own, Aaron and Sarah attach great importance to family values ​​in the workplace and always try to meet the needs of their employees.

“We want our employees to be proud of the company they work for,” says Sarah. “Reputation is the key.”

About the New Zealand Plumbing Awards

The New Zealand Plumbing Awards recognize the many positive successes and success stories in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industries and are presented at a gala dinner on the final evening of the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference. Organized by Master Plumbers, the national conference has been held for over 100 years and is the premier event in the plumbing, gas installation and drainage industries. Participants come from all over the country.

About master plumbers

Master Plumbers, Gas Installers and Drainers NZ Inc (Master Plumbers) is the national membership organization for plumbing, gas installation and drainage companies with 18 regional associations and offices across New Zealand. Companies go through a quality assurance program to become members. Members receive a wide range of resources and training opportunities to keep them up-to-date with the latest technology, products, and compliance requirements. Master Plumbers stands up on behalf of its members and the plumbing industry. The association organizes the annual New Zealand Plumbing Conference, which culminates in the prestigious New Zealand Plumbing Awards, which recognize outstanding achievements in the industry.

Source: Installers Gas installers and drainlayers

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