Rs 1-L fine for manual cleaning of septic tanks- The New Indian Express

By Express message service

KARIMNAGAR: The Karimnagar City Administration (MCK) has made it clear that manual cleaning of septic tanks is prohibited in the city. In fact, households that encourage manual septic tank cleaning will be fined Rs 1 lakh. Citizens can contact the company on 14420 to conduct cleaning work, said MCK Commissioner V Kranthi.

The company decided to stop manual septic tank cleaning to improve its ranking in the Safai Mithra Suraksha Challenge. The MCK competes against 248 cities across the country in the centre’s challenge to classify sanitary facilities in urban areas.

“Under the Municipal Act-2013, manual cleaning of manholes and septic tanks is fined Rs 1 lakh. We undertake to comply with the law, ”said the MCK commissioner. “The 14420 hotline is displayed in every corner of town,” she said.

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