RWA: Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing as Temperatures Plummet

Via press release, Regional Water Authority • 1/30/2021 7:54 AM EST

January 28, 2021: Meteorologists across Connecticut have forecast very cold weather for the next few days, with temperatures expected to stay below freezing over the weekend. The regional
The Water Authority (RWA) advises residents and businesses in Greater New Haven to protect theirs
Plumbing from the impending cold.

Cold air and sub-freezing temperatures can cause water pipes in vulnerable areas of buildings to freeze and burst, resulting in costly damage and repairs. Water utilities are responsible for water pipes and utility lines that connect to your curb house, but not for pipes that are on your property. The areas most at risk include areas outside the home, as well as water supply lines in unheated areas such as basements, attics, and kitchen cabinets. To protect your pipes from possible damage, do the following:
• Wrap exposed pipes with insulating material. Even the newspaper can help if necessary.
• Eliminate sources of cold air near water pipes by repairing broken windows, insulating walls, closing crawl spaces, and removing drafts near doors.
• Open the cabinet doors for the kitchen and bathroom so that the warmer air can circulate around the pipes. Make sure harmful detergents and household chemicals get out of the reach of children.
• If your home doesn’t have internal shut-off valves for your external cones, overwinter them by purchasing isolation kits, also known as domes or caps.
• If the weather is very cold outside, drain the cold water from the faucet, which is supplied by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even a trickle – prevents the pipes from freezing. A bucket or other container can be kept under the leaky faucet to collect water for later use, e.g. B. Watering plants to make sure it is not wasted.
• Make sure that the covers of the water meter vault are not torn. If the meter is installed outside the home, it is located in a covered vault. Make sure the vault cover is secure and protects the meter from freezing.
• The RWA advises anyone away from home in cold weather to ask a friend, relative, or neighbor to check their property regularly to make sure the heat is working and the pipes are not frozen.

If the water in sinks or other faucets stops flowing, it could be due to frozen pipes. Anyone who worried that
Your frozen pipes should immediately cease water operations using your home’s main water shut-off
Valve. Once homeowners turn off their water, they should contact a licensed plumber to thaw the frozen pipes, assess damage, and make any necessary repairs. Never use hot water, a flashlight, or an open flame to thaw a frozen pipe or water meter.

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