Saginaw council approves $2.3M water main installation in Frankenmuth

SAGINAW, MI – Saginaw City Council approved plans to install a new aqueduct in Frankenmuth at its meeting on Monday, August 23.

The $ 2.3 million infrastructure project will support an older aqueduct that first supplied water to residents in Frankenmuth and Frankenmuth Township in 1971, officials say.

The crews will add the 7,672 foot transmission aqueduct and connect it to a water pumping station at 5930 Reimer in Frankenmuth.

Officials say the 50-year-old captain has experienced “multiple fractures” in the past 25 years. The new addition will allow crews to repair and refurbish the older main line without relying on water towers to supply the two communities during repair times.

Sterling Heights-based DVM Utilities, Inc. won the contract for the installation.

Saginaw gets its water from Lake Huron at Whitestone Point, about eight miles north of Au Gres. The water flows through the system for approximately 60 miles before reaching the Saginaw Water Treatment Plant at 522 Ezra Rust in Saginaw. There the water is treated for drinking purposes and made available to around 170,000 customers in 21 communities, including Frankenmuth and Frankenmuth Township.


The Saginaw Council votes on a water system update for Frankenmuth customers worth US $ 2.3 million

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