Saskatoon to advertise more options to repay lead pipe replacement costs – Saskatoon

Beginning next year, the city of Saskatoon will announce that residents will be able to postpone the cost of some electrical and plumbing work sometimes required when replacing lead pipes.

An informational report presented to the Environment, Utilities and Business Services Committee on Monday morning said the city council plans to inform residents that they can also postpone the cost of grounding the electrical systems and cleaning the plumbing if you postpone the cost if you choose to replace lead pipes.

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“While these plumbing and electricity bills are not included in the cost-sharing scheme, homeowners have historically been allowed to add these amounts to their tax records on request, although this option was not officially recommended to residents,” the report said.

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It is said that only local residents who were unable to cover the costs typically applied and that interest in deferring more costs “was heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic than local residents … additional were given competing financial priorities ”.

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The current program calls for the homeowner to pay 40 percent of the cost of replacing from the property line to the foundation of the building.

If the electrical system was connected to the lead water connection, it must be re-ground when replacing the lead pipe. The typical cost is $ 450, according to the report.

It also says that cleaning foundation walls to replace pipes can typically cost $ 150.

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Coun. Hilary Gough asked how the administration accommodated residents whose homes were requiring more expensive labor.

“We look at each case on a case-by-case basis and speak to the homeowners to find out what is reasonable,” replied Matt Jurkiewicz, the city’s construction director.

“We have to be a little careful about how far we go in funding various home upgrades, but we’re more than reasonable.”

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The administration estimates the total cost of postponing post-foundation and cleanup payments at $ 500,000, with the city eventually getting all funds back.

The administration plans to include the option in postponement contracts for the 2021 construction season.

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