Saturday Night Steelers Divisional Round: Kitchen Sink Open Thread

Well #1 y’all stuck with me being a poor man tonight as a substitute for SNW AND Toronto.

Well #2, is the Big Ben era finally over? With the implications of the cap, we may not officially see this party until sometime in June.

Now #3, let’s get to the good part

  1. How is your pool doing after Wild Card weekend, and regardless of your pool selection, who do you think will end up winning it all?
  2. Reflecting on the playoffs so far, what or who has surprised or impressed you the most?
  3. Of the many rumors surrounding the Steelers off-season, which one do you most AND least want to see?
  4. Knowing what you know about the Steelers and their stable and successful history, what are your expectations for next season?
  5. It’s been ridiculously cold in here lately. What’s your guilty pleasure food to help fight the common cold? Bonus points for those who want to share their recipes…
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