Saylorsburg Historic Farmstead House for Sale


The owners of this homestead from 1797 received a monument protection award in 2016 for their historically sensitive renovation of the farmhouse from 1824.

This vintage house from 1824 outside of Saylorsburg, which was sensitively restored in 2016, looks just as charming from the back as it does from the front. In fact, you see the back of 1267 Kemmertown Rd., Stroudsburg, PA 18360 | This photo and all interior photos: Steven Wallace; starred drone photos: Jared Gilbertson, Beyond Limits Productions; Exterior Photos: Michael O’Donnell, unless otherwise noted; all images via Pocono Mountains Association of Realtors MLS and MORE Modern Real Estate, LLC

When the bank barn was built on this historic Saylorsburg homestead in 1796, the Poconos were still completely rural, with only a few towns like Milford scattered over hundreds of square miles.

When Peter Shaw built his stone farmhouse in 1824, there were either farms like his or forests on the surrounding land.

The poconos today have of course been heavily developed as a playground for New Yorkers and Philadelphians, and some parts of the region feel more like suburbs in the forest.

Fortunately, not that part. Cherry Valley, a few miles northeast of Saylorsburg, remains largely rural, which means this 100-acre historic farmhouse for sale in Saylorsburg continues to be surrounded by fields and farms like its own.

House for sale Saylorsburg historic homestead exterior facade

Outside front

This house has had a few neighbors, but not too many, in the two centuries or so since Shaw built it. If you do decide to buy this historic gem, take her everywhere for a dinner party, movie night, or dance party. This property can handle all of this and more, and your new neighbors will be delighted with the quality of the historically sensitive renovation and expansion that its current owners undertook five years ago.

So sensitive and respectful that the work won the Monroe County Historical Association’s Preserve, Enhance, Promote Historical Preservation Award in 2017.

House for sale Saylorsburg historic homestead foyer

Foyer, ground floor

The first historically sensitive room you come across is located directly in the foyer on the ground floor. To the right is a mural of a pastoral creek – maybe Cherry Creek, flowing under Kemmertown Road a hundred yards from here. Wall paintings and wallpapers with natural scenes were common in houses of the 18th and early 19th centuries.

House for sale Saylorsburg historic homestead living room

living room

Of course, since it was built in 1824, this house has a classic colonial floor plan. To the right of the foyer is the living room with two chimneys, which extends over the entire north side of the ground floor. Granted, pine wasn’t a common wallpaper in the 19th century – I associate it with the 1940s and 1950s – but it works in that context and the furnishings and decor remain appropriate to the setting.

House for sale Saylorsburg historic homestead dining room

dining room

Across the foyer is the formal dining room, with its chair rails and deep window sills painted a beautiful shade of blue.

House for sale Saylorsburg Historic farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen; Corridor to the main suite on the right

The kitchen-cum-living room shows how much the owners have preserved the historic character of the house.



Here the owners have gone to the trouble of not only installing a vintage-look La Cornue range to take over the functions of the original wood-burning stove, but also adding a made-to-measure Sub-Zero fridge-freezer in the style of a turn-of preserved – the refrigerator from the 20th The open shelf underlines the rustic character of the kitchen.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Beyond these rooms is an addition that incorporates a decidedly modern innovation, the main suite on the ground floor. This nod to modern convenience, however, has a reclaimed wood center beam in its vaulted ceiling to maintain a historic feel.

primary bathroom

Main bathroom

Since the plumbing inside would not have got that far in 1824, the main bathroom (as well as all the other bathrooms in this house) are later additions. But they all have devices that make them look like throwbacks into the past. However, the shower in this bathroom has a more urban feel to it thanks to its factory window cladding. The master suite also has its own covered porch.

On the second floor there are four bedrooms and a hall bathroom, and the house also has an attic. But below, the basement has been redesigned for relaxation and entertainment.

Winter garden

Winter garden

Stairs between the kitchen and the master bedroom lead to a bright conservatory that is furnished for both sitting and dining.

Root cellar

Root cellar

The original root cellar is also connected to the winter garden. It might as well store wine as you can see.

living room

living room

At the bottom of the stairs, turn left instead of right and you will find yourself in a large living room with an original fireplace.



Next to this room is a cozy bar with a corner that looks like it once housed a fireplace.

living room

living room

On the other side of the basement foyer from these rooms is an equally cozy family room.

Laundry room

Laundry room

And the corridor from the basement foyer leads past a guest toilet into the finest laundry room I’ve ever seen. It even has a dog wash.

Bank children

Bank children *

So the main house can take care of the dinner party. Afterwards everyone can dance and play all night in the converted bank barn from 1796.

Interior of the bank barn

Interior of the bank barn

Interior of the bank barn

Interior of the bank barn

It was equipped with a bar and a loft view that could easily serve as a dance floor. A crawl space under the attic houses several storage rooms. And if you felt the urge to farm this land again, the rooms on the lower floor could no doubt be converted to house horses or cows.


Pond | Photo: Steven Wallace

With 100 acres to play with, farming is definitely an option. So it seems that he could fish in the source pond.

View from the porch on the ground floor

View from the porch on the ground floor

But it would be easier to just take in the view from the three porches of this home: the open plan on the first floor of the foyer, the covered one below, and the porch of the primary suite.

Since this area is still rural, it is also quiet and it is a walk from here to the nearest shops or restaurants. But since this house is actually set up for your own excitement, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

It is clear that the owners of this historic Saylorsburg farmhouse treasured its history and did an excellent job of preserving it. And for that they won an award. Hopefully, whoever purchases this early American gem will appreciate it as well.



BATH: 2 full, 2 half, plus one in the barn


SALE PRICE: $ 2,485,000

OTHER THINGS: Although you will see more of this house and its surroundings than is typical for this feature, the photos here represent only about 20 percent of the photos available on the listing page, which include aerial imagery from drones that put the house in the context of its surroundings . You should really check them out, or better yet, take the broker’s advice and make an appointment to see it all in person. Also, although this house is in the Stroudsburg zip code, it’s closer to Saylorsburg than Stroudsburg, so I’m looking for it in the former.

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