School districts among those cleaning up after pipes burst

According to CY-Fair ISD, at least 65 locations suffered water damage in icy weather.

HOUSTON, Texas – Winter weather has walled and abandoned several school districts in the Houston area to clean up major spills from cracked pipes.

It is something that many students and their families can relate to.

“This was just a mess,” said Roy Sprague, Cy-Fair ISD’s chief operations officer. “All the wet ceiling tiles floated here.”

We met Sprague at the water-protected Langham Creek High School.

It is one of at least 65 county buildings to suffer water damage this week.

Two to three inches of flooded parts of Langham Creek.

The orchestra pit in the auditorium filled with water.

“Unfortunately, with no heat in the building under the extreme conditions we had in Houston, many pipes broke,” said Sprague.

Cleaning up the cafeteria. The Houston area school districts, like many people, have burst pipes. @CyFairISD reports damage to numerous schools, including this one. More from here and how homeowners deal with things: @KHOU at 4:30 + 6:00 # khou11 #TexasFreeze @cfisdleslie

– Jason Miles (@JMilesKHOU) February 18, 2021

A long line we saw outside of Texas Plumbing Supply highlighted the scope of the problem.

Customer Barney Earls was trying to stick a pipe in a hole in his ceiling somewhere.

“My neighbors woke me up and told me it looked like I had a waterfall out of my garage,” Earls said. “So I woke up and went out and turned off the water.” “It was terrible.”

Shop owners said the flood of customers began when the water reappeared in the cracked pipes, exposing the weaknesses caused by the freezing.

“I am 36 years old and have been in business since I was six,” said Joey Fuller of Texas Plumbing Supply.

Long queues for plumbing accessories. Dozens of vehicles (including plumbers) are waiting to get into this shop in Cypress as people deal with burst pipes and other winter weather-related issues. Here is my story from yesterday, including some advice: # khou11

– Jason Miles (@JMilesKHOU) February 18, 2021

Most hope to see less and less in the days to come, although the danger remains.

“What we’re worried about is the freezing tonight,” said Sprague. “And we know some of those pipes are likely to be fragile. If the water pressure comes back on, we could take more breaks over the weekend to be ready for Monday,” said Sprague.

In the event of a pipe burst, turn off your water to minimize damage.

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