Schools in Lostock Hall close and dozens of homes and businesses go without water due to burst pipe

Homes have been without water since 4:30 a.m. with most of those affected in areas PR1, PR4 and PR5. Some houses are under bad pressure and others said they had no water at all.

Most of the affected properties appear to be in Lostock Hall, where elementary schools and high schools have had to close.

The water shortage is due to a burst pipe in Walton Green, where leakage technicians are now on site to make repairs, according to United Utilities.

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An estimated time for the resumption of supplies has not yet been given, but mobile tankers are pumping water into the supply.

A United Utilities spokesman told the Post: “An outbreak has occurred in part of the water network in the Walton-le-Dale area.

“To maintain supplies, we route water through other parts of the pipe network. We also use our water tankers to maintain supplies while engineers repair the damaged section of pipe.

“During this time, people may notice a decrease in water pressure and a slight temporary discoloration of their water.

“/>Homes have been without water since 4:30 a.m. with most of those affected in areas PR1, PR4 and PR5Homes have been without water since 4:30 a.m. with most of those affected in areas PR1, PR4 and PR5

“This is not uncommon after an outbreak or when we move water around the network as it can kick up naturally occurring sediment in the pipes.

“Customers don’t need to take any action, and it becomes clear.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and will be present in the area as we work to get the water network back to normal.”

Both Lostock Hall Community Primary School and Lostock Hall Academy have confirmed that they have closed due to a lack of water.

Our Lady and St. Gerard’s are also believed to be closed for that day, as is the Moor Hey School.

In a message to parents, Laura Duce, principal at Lostock Community Primary School, said there was “no other option” than to close.

She said, “I’m afraid we will have to close the school today as we still have no water and there are no updates from United Utilities.

“I know how frustrating this is since we’ve only just opened fully again, but without water we won’t be able to keep our rigorous cleaning routine.

“Children can now access distance learning, and staff are currently uploading assignments.

“I hope that United Utilities can fix the problem and that the school will reopen as usual tomorrow.

“I’m sorry again as I am disappointed that we had to make this decision, but there is no other option.”

Lostock Hall Academy said, “You may already know that we have no water in the area and therefore no water in the school.

“United Utilities are in the area but there is no indication of when this will be fixed.

“For health and safety reasons and because we do not have any water to prepare meals or clean up toilets, we unfortunately have to close the school premises today.”

It is said that distance learning will take place.

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