Senoia purchasing fingerprint scanner for police; doing water modeling study

Sarah Fay Campbell / The Newnan Times-Herald

Senoia City Administrator Harold Simmons, in the foreground, speaks to the City Council Monday night.

The city of Senoia is getting its own fingerprint machine for the police.

The city did not have the opportunity to take its own fingerprints. Instead, those arrested are fingerprinted in Coweta County Jail. Sometimes the Senoia Police Department uses the Peachtree City scanner, said Harold Simmons, Senoia City manager.

Occasionally, the police have to fingerprint people who do not actually need to go to jail.

Senoia residents who require fingerprinting services for job applications or other reasons are also referred to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. Sometimes when the sheriff’s office is busy, they can’t provide these fingerprint services to Senoia residents, Simmons said.

Having your own scanner is a cost saving and a service for residents, said Simmons.

The city is also buying a new backup generator for the emergency department. The power generator is inadequate, Simmons said.

There are plans to use the existing generator for other purposes around the city, likely the public works department.

In other meeting shops:

• The city will conduct a water system modeling study to assess the city’s water distribution system. The project will include computational modeling to assess the system’s ability to meet the water flow rates required for new developments.

Simmons said he contacted the city’s engineering firm to investigate a study “because we are growing and because our infrastructure is so old”.

While the city has conducted studies of the sewer system, “we have never conducted a water study,” he said. The study will allow the city to examine both current usage and future needs. The city has a reservoir and several wells for water supply. Currently, three of these wells are out of order and the city must source more water than usual from the Coweta Water and Sewerage Authority.

“We wanted to be proactive,” said Simmons.

• The city is in the process of eliminating impact fees for the library as it remains difficult to find library projects that can be paid for with impact fees. When the impact fees were introduced, the city owned the library. It has been part of the Coweta Public Library System since the new library was built.

Although the city has already started to repeat its Impact Fee program, money will still be raised for the library until the new fees are introduced. The city will continue to have impact fees for public safety and recreation.

At the last count, the fund was around $ 130,000, Simmons said. An already approved awning project costs $ 25,000.

On the recommendation of Simmons, the council voted to transfer the remaining Impact Fee money to the library system so that it can be used for required projects related to the system.

• The council approved budget changes for the generator, fingerprint scanner and water study. The generator and fingerprint scanner are paid for with impact fees, and the water study is charged out of professional fees and water fees.

The council also approved the closure of some of the city’s bank accounts containing smaller funds. The existence of the separate bank accounts slows the verification process, Simmons said.

• Senoia Shenanigans are held in downtown Senoia on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The St. Patrick’s Day events take place all Wednesday, Friday from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday from 2pm to 8pm with live music.

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