Septic tank waste dumped into stormwater drain in Trichy | Trichy News

Trichy: In an unprecedented incident, Trichy Corporation caught a sloppy operator red-handed on Thursday dumping feces into a storm sewer that flows into the Uyyakondan Canal, which runs through the city. Even if three decanting stations are available for the safe disposal of faeces, desludged operators secretly discharge the wastewater in public places.
Company sources said they received information that a muddy truck dumped feces into a storm sewer on Reynolds Road in the Cantonment area. The storm sewer, which carries sewage from commercial facilities, flows into the Uyyakondan Canal near Ayyappan Temple on Lawsons Road. After the petitions, the plumbing officers of the Trichy Corporation inspected the place and caught the desludged operator who discharged the feces into the storm sewer.
“He was fined Rs5,000 for the offense. We have never seen an act like this in the city, ”said V Tirupati, Plumbing Inspector at Trichy Corporation. The agency plans to ask the regional transportation department to revoke the license of such offenders. Although the city has three decanting stations where the faeces can be safely disposed of for post-treatment at a cost of Rs 30 per trip, some of the desludged operators do not pollute land and water dangerously.
“We held several awareness meetings with desludged operators asking them to only use the decanting station. The infrastructure they have at their disposal is top notch and affordable, but they lack the motive, ”said Yohananthan S, senior associate (practice) at the Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS). Sources said that such secret activities are also taking place in Crawford and Panjappur locations. Since the decanting stations no longer work after 6 p.m., the desludged operators who clean septic tanks during the night either dispose of waste in UGD shafts or in public places. While septic tank cleaning is banned during the night, the activity will continue, residents said, urging local authorities to take strict measures.


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