Sewer pipe replacement will be million dollar project | News

The city took steps at the council meeting on Monday evening to replace part of the sewer line instead of repairing it. The project will cost around $ 1.2 million.

The section begins on Omaha Avenue and follows Corporation Gulch to Northwestern Avenue and then goes east to Fourth Street. The line then travels down Fourth Street to Monroe Avenue.

“It’s an important part of our system,” said Steve Rames, urban engineer.

Rames said the coal tar lining on the current line is falling off and entering the wastewater treatment plant, where it could potentially cause bigger problems.

The city originally tried to repair the pipe, Rames said. But after consulting a consultant and doing further research, it was clear that repairing the pipe would be almost as expensive as replacing it.

Rames said replacing the pipe would end up being a better deal as the city could use it for 100 years. The current pipe lasted 50 years.

At the meeting on Monday evening, Norfolk City Council voted to amend a contract with the consultant to pay for the additional services required for the project.

“The project grew out of what we initially set the design team to do,” said Rames.

The Norfolk City Council met in the Chambers of the Norfolk City Council at 5:30 p.m. on Monday.

Councilors present: Mayor Josh Moenning, Kory Hildebrand, Frank Arens, Gary L. Jackson, Fred Wiebelhaus, Thad Murren and Shane Clausen.

Absent Councilor: Rob Merrill

Others present: city staff, eight; Media representatives, two; and five from the public.

– Approved a zoning change from farm to single family homes on lots at 4910, 5000, and 5002 W. Benjamin Ave.

– Approved Change Order and Certificate of Significance with JJK Construction for the 2019 Norfolk Bridge Repair Project resulting in a net decrease of $ 18,173.46.

Approve an amendment to the engineering contract for construction design services with Olsson Inc. for the 2020 sanitary sewer rehabilitation project for a maximum amount of $ 36,524.

– Received a report from the Citizen Advisory Review Committee on Economic Development.

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