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An hour later, Dad was up to save the day. I watched as he confidently checked the bathroom, basement, and bathroom and basement a second time. Finally he came upstairs, looked me straight in the eye and said – well, I can’t tell you what he said, but I think you can guess how many letters there were. Not good.

After several phone calls, we ended up with a plumber who was ready to give up his Sunday to stop by.

Plumber Guy wasn’t as clueless as we were. He turned off the water, cut the suction pipe, and ran a long, pliable pipe cleaner down the line. In other words, he looked at the problem – and then stabbed it with a stick. Maybe my home improvement instincts aren’t as terrible as I thought before. It only took seconds for the pipe cleaner to hit something with an audible “click” that fell to the bottom of the hot water tank. Immediately water began to flow again. A little soldering with a flashlight and I was back in business.

How long I will enjoy warm water remains open. The buddy who clogged my line (which I now simply refer to as “a slice of Rock Island goodness”) is now enjoying a warm bath at the bottom of my water heater, and there’s always a chance it will happen to get carried away by the drain and get stuck elsewhere remain. The only way out other than hope is a new water heater, which after hearing the purchase and installation costs can only guess that it is made of solid gold with a beautiful diamond inlay. I will take my chances now.

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