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A kitchen faucet is more than just an everyday item, we use it for countless activities such as washing dishes, vegetables and much more. Choosing the right one is critical to avoiding potentially harmful leaks and the frustration of ill-fitting hardware. In general, faucets are not of a standard height, so measurements are important. For your kitchen, find a faucet with a spout that is big enough for all of your dishwashing or cooking needs, but not so big that it blocks items around your sink. Certain features like pull-up spout and double temperature are other features that users can look for. Faucets are available in different designs and can be chosen depending on the kitchen style. Here are our recommendations:

This kitchen faucet is characterized by a geometric cylindrical shape and gives your sink elegance. This faucet was designed for a modern, modular kitchen and is made of brass and chrome-plated. The faucet has two handles that can be used for hot and cold water.

The finish of this faucet resists corrosion and tarnishing and makes daily maintenance easier for users.

This kitchen faucet has a solid brass construction that ensures a long service life. The faucet has a dual water function – shower and foam flow, giving users the flexibility to change the flow as needed. The high arch spout design with 360 degree rotation offers additional space for a variety of sink activities.

This kitchen faucet is also lead free and non-toxic for home use.

With its solid brass construction, this kitchen faucet brings luxury to your kitchen with its pull-down syringe. The faucet is equipped with ProMotion technology, which has a lightweight nylon hose and a ball joint that make the retractable spray flexible and reliable. The faucet has a dual function spray head with touch control. Users can choose between spray spray or ventilated jet in the settings.
This faucet also has a spout that can be rotated 360 degrees, which makes it even more user-friendly. Get it here.

Since stainless steel is the most common material in kitchen appliances and in the sink, a black faucet creates visual interest and highlights the traditional design. This kitchen faucet has a chrome-plated mixer tap, a brass body and a zinc handle. With its simple, streamlined design, the faucet allows you to easily adjust both the water volume and temperature with the single lever handle.
This faucet also features a durable ceramic disc cartridge that ensures drip-free operation. Find it here.

With this simple, streamlined design, this domed faucet with its single lever handle allows you to easily adjust both the water volume and temperature. The design of the high arch spout can be rotated 360 degrees and makes washing up extremely user-friendly.
Mineral residues can simply be wiped off through the soft rubber spray holes on the faucet for an instantly refreshing look. Read more about it here.

This kitchen faucet is equipped with a sensitive LED faucet light that changes color depending on the water temperature. The LED light is powered by a built-in mini generator that generates electricity from the pressure of the water. This faucet can be installed in both kitchens and bathrooms.
The faucet has a universal fit and is made of high quality dirt-repellent plastic. Find it here.

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