Small Plumbing Camera from MEDIT Saves Thousands of Dollars for a Barbados Hotel

Swimming pool inspection

The MiniFlex sanitary camera track record shows how a modest investment prevented a huge financial loss. This compact, lightweight and portable camera, designed specifically for narrow pipes with multiple bends, was able to locate a leak in a swimming pool pipe system in a Barbados hotel. Fresh water is scarce and expensive on the island. By fixing the problem, the hotel management was able to save a lot of money and the resort guests could enjoy the pool and the man-made waterfall without interruption. The plumbing camera was brought to Barbados when all other methods of detecting the leak in a complex and irregularly shaped pipe failed. Once the problem area was successfully identified through visual inspection, the exact point was located thanks to a signal transmitted by a probe.

This compact and easy-to-use CCTV system is designed to inspect narrow pipelines such as bathroom and kitchen drains, swimming pools, hot tubs, showers and sprinklers where larger or less flexible push cables are found to be unusable.

MiniFlex comes with three cable length options: 20 m (65.6 ‘), 30 m (100’) and 40 m (131 ‘). The tiny 19.5 mm (0.76 “) camera head features a color CMOS chip, 12 high-power white LED lights and a built-in 512 Hz probe that works with any locator of the same frequency. The cable and The camera head is waterproof and capable of running through multiple 90-degree bends in 1.5-inch tubes and larger, and can even trap a P-trap in. The cable’s patented flexi-tube neck holds extremely well Navigate a 1.25 inch PVC pipe.

The MiniFlex Sanitary Camera’s portable DVR unit has a dual power supply: it can run on a rechargeable battery (up to 7 hours on a single charge) or it can run on standard 110V AC power. The DVR is equipped with a 5.6 inch color screen with a screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The recorded files are stored on a removable SD card and the image recording resolution is 720 x 576 pixels.

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