South West Plumbing encourages water conservation in April

Paul asks homeowners to be aware that water leaks in a home can easily increase water usage. It is important for homeowners to regularly check their toilet and faucets for leaks to minimize potential water damage and increased utility bills.

“Sometimes we don’t notice that our toilet is running continuously or see a small wet spot on the floor next to the sink,” said Paul. “These are all signs of a possible water leak, which means there may be water being wasted somewhere in the house.”

Knowing the functionality of the sewer line is a second way to ensure a home is conserving water. Water can be wasted every time it is released from a house if the sewer system is not working properly. Hiring a professional to make sure the pipe is waterproof will help prevent future problems while saving water.

Another way to save water is to install highly efficient plumbing fixtures. Products with the WaterSense label are recommended by the EPA. According to the agency, WaterSense faucets can reduce water usage in a sink by at least 20%.

“Highly efficient plumbing fixtures can not only help you save water, but they can also help you save money on your electricity bills,” said Paul. “Highly efficient toilets can only use 1 gallon per flush, as opposed to 3.5 gallons in a traditional toilet. Imagine how much water you could save just changing your faucets.”

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